Daleville Christian Fellowship Church began as an outgrowth of the Gospel Worship Service at the Fort Rucker Headquarters Place Chapel in 1980, with Rev. Carl McComb as founder and pastor. Nine men of faith who were also full of the Holy Ghost began this work in prayer. As the pastor shared the vision given to him by the Lord, the church became incorporated, and nine and -half acres of land was purchased. And in faith they started the construction work in 1988.
In 1993, Pastor McComb returned from Germany and took over ths church. This curch was still only a minuscule portion of the vision God had given for Pastor McComb.

Dr. Carl McComb’ vision was much larger than one church. So he formed UCFInternational. The vision was” replacing the “misplaced.” In 2001 Dr. McComb received a tract written by Dr. Samuel Daniel, entitled ‘Python.’ After reading He felt that the Lord was telling him to plant a church in India. He wrote to Samuel Daniel regarding the same with the help of the address that was printed behind the tract.
Dr.Samuel Daniel gave that letter to Dr. Mano Daniel. Dr. Mano Daniel wrote to Dr. Carl McComb and explained about the LIO and the several churches that they are planting each year. The lord answered the prayers of Dr. Daniel. Churches were being planted all over India.

In 2001 Bishop Dr. Carl McComb came to India, and officially inagurated the UCFI, India. Fifty churches became part of UCFI. All of them were planted by the LIO. Consistently these churches have grown and multiplied. We have more than 1200 affiliate churches all over India today. Dr. Carl McComb’ mission has not stopped with India alone but has spread to Africa, Phillipines, Sri-lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma and other countries as well.
Sooner Dr. Daniel found these churches had no proper covering. Issues of Marrige , burial, baptism and other government recognitions were not available to these LIO planted independent churches. Recently we have registered the UCFI as a Diocese under the government of India.

Unworthy as I am Dr. Carl McComb consecrated me as Bishop of India and Later made me the Bishop of International affairs.We have presented some case studies in the link, ‘ Leadership in Obscurity News” .
All the LIO churches are run by poor pastors who have no outside contact or support. We only provide seed money, training and affiliation to them. We give $ 25 as seed money to them and $ 50 to those missionaries in North India and Andamans. You can support these church by

  • Praying for them
  • Visiting them and having fellowship with them
  • Provide seed money

You and your family can support one church in South India for $ 25 and one Church in North India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands for $ 50.