LIOs operate in areas where people struggle to make their ends meet. Parents often are unable to provide basic education to their Children.

FPTL offers educational support to more than 200 students and plans to increase the strength to 500 Children. In the area of Kolli Hills in Tamilnadu where female infanticide abounds, FPTL has supported the LIOs in the region to rescue the girl children and has established the ‘New life Orphanage’. There are presently 26 Children housed in the orphanage. FPTL also assists the Afra Orphanage in Mudichur and the Good Shepherd orphanage in Mammallapuram with seed grants.
The Magimai Home for HIV affected orphans is established in Pondicherry. This venture offers a home for 20 AIDS affected (not infected) children. They are raised and nurtured in an environment free from the stigma of HIV and AIDS. The Woodside Bible Church, Michigan supports FPTL in this venture “Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy” Psalms 82:3.
Know more about HIV and AIDS ministry of FPTL.

FPTL has been involved in several developmental activities through its network of LIOs.  At the time of the tsunami FPTL helped the fishermen and their families who were affected by the Tsunami. This was done directly as well through a registered entity titled the “Meenavar Development Trust”

As part of the tsunami relief activities, FPTL distributed rice, provisions and utensils to thousand’s of people in the coastal areas of South India and the Andaman.  30 Boats & 40 Catamarans were given through the Meenavar Development Trust. Ten welfare centers were opened along the east coast and Andaman Islands to provide vocational training to the youth from the tsunami affected areas. These centers provided training in computers, tailoring and carpentry. In the Andaman Islands 310 damaged houses of fishermen were repaired and renovated and 25 wells were dug. The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism was partners in food distribution and rehabilitation


Repaired house