What would you do if you want to spread God’s love to the people in your neighborhood or city or country?
The answer is to capture people’s heart through literature. The Faith Prayer and Tract League was born out of the faith and commitment of one man, Dr.Samuel Daniel who cared enough about the world around him and wanted to declare the good news of salvation from sin for all. He printed his first tract about a man who adopted a python as his pet and cared for the creature. Everyday he used to perform in the highway and the market place making the snake to pretent to squeeze him to death. One day while he was performing the snake began to squeeze him to death. People began to clap thinking that he was performing. Only after he fell down dead on the ground did they realize what had happened. Dr. Daniel compared the snake to Sin which people tend to treat lightly but gradually gets a stronghold on the person and lead to his spiritual destruction. The response to this tract was tremendous. This was the beginning of the Faith Prayer Tract League


The VISION of FPTL is to plant Churches in every City, Town, Taluk, Village of India.


  • To find the leadership in obscurity, train and equip them to proclaim the gospel.
  • To nurture spiritual growth in new believers
  • To send the LIO to plant churches and involve in social concerns

Dr. Samuel Daniel

Founder, Faith Prayer & Tract League

Dr. Samuel Daniel, Founder of FPTL accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 16. An engineer by profession he had a passion to work for the Lord and used every opportunity that came his way to preach the gospel. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations. . . Matthew 28:19”- inspired by these words Dr. Daniel met various people teaching them about Salvation freely available in Christ.  He took the first step and used his tithe money to print  5000 tracts with the Truth of the Gospel –  a great truth explained in a way that even the simple people were able to know and understand the Person of Jesus.  Out of this humble beginning grew a renowned ministry that has used the literature to proclaim God’s love to Nations. Thus the tracts ministry began with the innate faith of one man.
The first tract about the man and his pet python evoked a great response.  That particular tract had a great response from friends from other faith. Dr.Daniel knew then, that this was his life work. He had found his true calling. His work soon gained momentum and Bro. Stone of the Pilgrim Tract Society, USA offered to print the tracts. In a short period of time Dr. Daniel found himself distributing as many as 900,000 tracts every year.
As the work increased it became obvious that his small unit needed to be established as a formal entity. In 1954 Dr. Roger Greenway, a missionary in Srilanka along with Mr. John Brondsema helped Dr. Daniel establish the “Faith Prayer and Tract League”. Through 1984, as many as 10 million tracts were printed and distributed by 8000 volunteer distributors. In 1994 the distribution was an amazing 30 million tracts. Dr. Calvin Hekman, International Director of the Tract League USA helped the FPTL to acquire their own printing press. Dr. Daniel went to be with the Lord in February 1999 but the work that he began still continues till this day.

Mary Daniel, is the co founder of the Faith Prayer and Tract League. She was born in Malaysia as Meenakshi Iyengar to a devout Christian mother and a Brahmin father. Her mother baptized her and named her as Mary. After her father’s death Mary along with her mother and two sisters came to live in Madras India. In 1947 at the age of 17 she met Samuel Daniel and married him. Mary had a great passion for working with differently abled children and delinquents. She soon gave up her career to help her husband in his ministry. Her two sons and daughter would also help the father in folding, packing, mailing and distribution of tracts. While Samuel Daniel continued to work as an engineer to support his family, Mary stood by him and ensured that the ministry did not suffer. Today she continues to run the ministry in a remarkably efficient manner proving herself a pillar of support to her son who is the General Director of the FPTL. Mary is a woman of fervent prayer and faith.

Mrs. Mary Daniel

Rev. Dr. Mano Daniel

Rev. Dr.  Mano Daniel, the elder son of Mrs. & Dr. Samuel Daniel is the General Director of the Faith Prayer tract League. He took his formal theological education both in India and U.S.A, aquiring M.Div, M.C.E(Masters in church Education), M.B.A Npo/NGO and D. Min. A committed Christian since he accepted the Lord at the age of 10 and motivated by his godly parents he continues the good work began by his father. He has  far reaching vision, utmost dedication and determination which took FPTL to  reach new dimensions. These include theological training, church planting and social concerns. The significance of the tract ministry has however not been sidelined but is evident by an annual 35 million tract being  printed  in 19 different languages. The vision of Dr. Samuel Daniel is still being realized and, as written in II Corinthians 9:6 “He which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully”, God continues to bless this ministry under the able leadership of Rev Dr. Mano Daniel.

Sheila Bharathan Daniel, is the Associate Director for administration for the FPTL. Married to Mano Daniel she supports her husband in the ministry by managing the day to day administration of the FPTL. A medical doctor by profession she specializes in obstetrics and gynaecology, with a special interest in HIV and AIDS patients. she also takes responsibility for the social outreach work of the FPTL which includes the medical outreach and the orphanages. She served as Global HIV and AIDS consultant to the Lutheran World Federation, Geneva and has many papers published and presented to her credit on the subject of HIV and AIDS. She functions as the C.E.O. of FPTL and UCFI.

Dr. Sheila Bharathan Daniel



THE TRACT LEAGUE in USA, was formed in 1922 when two ministers and an evangelist began publishing and distributing tracts. Currently, a twelve member board of directors governs the work of the Track League. Under the present leadership of Dr. Calvin Heckmann the organization has expanded its ministry and one of the largest tract publishing companies in North America with over 300 tract titles currently in production. Over 70 million tracts a year are produced by the League in many countries around the world. Their biggest international office is in India, at the FPTL.


ABWE is an unaffiliated, independent Baptist mission’s agency providing like-minded churches with vital services to expedite their Great Commission Ministry. ABWE serves local churches by providing administrative oversight and training for the missionaries who are recommended to them. This includes member care, financial coordination, team building, professional training and general administration.


L.I.O.N Outreach International is a donor based organization, managed by a volunteer board of directors. Rev. Jerry Vreeman, the Executive Director on his visit to India was enthralled by the concept of LIO. He shared the passion and vision of Rev. Mano Daniel to provide awareness, support, and training for Christian leaders working in obscurity. The Leadership in Obscurity Network was thus formed with this intention to help the LIOs to reach out to the whole of India.
International Steward – help train FPTL and other organizations in fund raising and stewardship. INTERNATIONAL STEWARD continues to reach majority-world churches, mission organizations and seminaries. Changes in lives, ministries and cultures are testimony to the desire of financial stewardship and a break from dependence on outside sources for funding.
The Disselkoen family – Randy and Terri Disselkoen from Grand Rapids ,USA have been one of the main supporters of FPTL since 1976. They share the same passion of reaching the unreached with the message of the Gospel and have contributed and fundraised for several projects and programs of FPTL.